• "Thank you so much for your assistance with this. It’s no exaggeration to say that we simply cannot find wool socks of this quality here in the US. My husband is a flatbed truck driver for a company that moves farm equipment. Sometimes that means Montana in the winter with -20 F temps and sometimes it means Arizona in the summer with 100+ F temps. He wants nothing but natural fibers and as little dyes as possible. We’ve probably bought every wool sock on the US market, and literally none of them are well-made and comfortable to him. It’s ever so much easier to just buy in bulk direct. We appreciate that Stockpile offers this service."

    R Roderiques -  Odgen, Utah USA

  • "I am writing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
    A couple years back our daughter was in Australia for a year. When she returned home, she brought my husband and I two pairs each of your socks. While mine are almost worn out, my husband has had a chance to find out how great they are , due to the extremely cold weather we have had so far this winter. These are the only socks that he has found to keep his feet warm and dry at work. we both are fork lift operators on a large cross dock. We have had temperatures around -21 c feeling like -30c for the past weeks. But your socks are wonderful!"

    Christine, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • "I only ever buy Stockpile socks. I usually buy them at the local workwear shop.
    But I wanted some of your other range, so went on the website and bought from there.
    I’m sure I’ll buy more once I see which ones I prefer.

    D Nutton - Wangara WA

  • "Great Socks! We've ordered them before, and we're ordering them again for the whole family. Thanks very much!"

    FS - Northcote VIC

  • "Great service and a great product."

    Leanne via email

  • "Enquiring to see if you have a supplier in NZ for your socks. I have in the past purchased stockpile boot socks for my son from the fieldays in Hamilton NZ. He is a snowboarder and has found your socks to be incredible for the hard work he gives them plus the warmth they give."

    Annita via email

  • "I can't buy your sox anywhere in this remote area, and they are the only sox I like, they are marvellous, and last for ages. Thanks."

    Don - Gravesend NSW

  • "I bought a pair of Stockpile Beige Outback Socks in Kununurra last year and have been delighted with my choice. I would not wear any other brand of sock. They are absolutely marvellous socks."

    J.B. - Oatley NSW

  • "love your socks"

    M H - Wyong NSW

  • "Enjoyed wearing out the last order, so I'm in again"

    G F - Moonta SA